Welcome to Fright Nights Northamptonshire! We are the sister company to Fright Nights, the first company of its type to offer overnight ghost hunting experiences to the public, and retains its reputation for haunted and unusual locations as well as an excellent night of ghost hunting!

We are now offering you the opportunity to join us at the most haunted venues in Northamptonshire. Whether you are a budding ghost hunter or a first timer, whatever your beliefs may be, we have an amazing team of experienced psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators to guarantee you a memorable and quality ghost hunting experience unequalled by any other company.

We have some fantastic venues lined up for 2015, some of which have never been investigated before and are exclusive to Fright Nights Northamptonshire. All our events are ‘un-staged’, as we are passionate that we will provide you with an authentic and professional experience.


· In 2003 and 2008 Fright Nights set the record for ‘The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt’ which was televised internationally

· Fright Nights have organised ghost hunting events for charities that have raised over a staggering £1.2 million combined.

· The founders of Fright Nights have consulted and appeared on many internationally famous paranormal TV shows including

  • Most Haunted
  • Ghost Hunting with..
  • Ghost Hunter’s International
  • Ghost Adventures
  • Scream Team
  • World’s Most Scariest Places
  • The Ghost Detectives
  • London’s Scariest Mysteries

Fright Nights have taken well over five hundred thousand members of the public ghost hunting in the last thirteen years – that’s about 5,000,000 hours of ghost hunting!

QUOTES: “The undisputed number one ghost hunting company in the UK” THE GUARDIAN

“The country’s longest running ghost hunting company” The Sun

“The Ghost Hunting Specialists” Daily Star

“One of the fifty things to do before you die” FHM Magazine

“I was invited to a ghost hunting evening with Fright Nights I jumped at the chance” Andy Rudd, THE MIRROR

“I was surprised about the number of unexplained bumps which happened…I’m a logical man, I like logical things, but no matter how quickly I rushed upstairs or how thoroughly we searched the floor, we couldn’t find any explanation to any of the noises.” Jamie Lewis, THE INDEPENDENT

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